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Meet Our Team At Injury 2 Health

Chiropractor Ellie Tillman D.C.

Dr. Tillman graduated from Life University in 1998 and has been practicing in Cobb County, GA since 1999. She specializes in treating personal injury cases, Neuropathy issues, nutrition and general wellness. She works with many local lawyers. Her practice is available to those with medicare and other forms of insurance.

Dr. Ellie's goal is to educate people about chiropractic care. She believes in healthcare as opposed to sick care. She is driven to keep her patients healthy for life by providing the support for each and every individual patient with the best treatment and valuable health information to enhance a patient's recovery time and ultimately direct them toward a healthier lifestyle.

Susan L. West, Licensed Massage Therapist

Susan comes to us with a 12 year history of massage therapy.  More on her experience and expertise to follow.


“A very thorough and professional Chiropractor; she listened to my complaint and was able to relieve my back/hip problems. Very fair pricing.”

- Connie R.

“Dr. Tillman carefully explains her recommendations and how your body will respond. Communication with Dr. Tillman is second to none.”

- Bob A.

“With appreciation for her expertise I am able to have the quality of life that I would not have had prior to treatment. I confidently recommend Dr. Tillman to anyone needing chiropractic care.”

- Mark H.